If You Want Something, You Have To Show Some Effort

Nothing comes easy… if you really want something, then you have to show some solid effort!

By the end of 2013, I finally figured out my path. I knew what I wanted and I knew what I needed to do to get there! That sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

BUT, I find that there is always something in my way… something that I need to break down, or some obstacle that is hindering my path to success. I started off being thrilled because I realized I had a focus, but somehow, the tides were simply pulling me in other directions and stopping me from reaching what I really wanted.
So today, I have a choice. I can push through the tides, stick to my intentions or I can let myself go adrift. It would be so easy to drift, just a little bit at first, choosing to take action on things that aren’t within the focus of my goal. Keeping in mind that could become quite dangerous, as I might drift even farther away from my dreams. So, what happened?

I saw the shore, I headed towards it, paddling hard to reach that goal – but suddenly the tide pulled me out again – just a bit, then more… then even more… and more again…

So, will I give up and let myself drift? Or will I stay true to myself, true to my goals and oh so true to my dreams? Will I find the strength to reach that shore – to that goal and that dream? YOU BET I WILL! Because I will not give up! I will not give up on my goals, my dreams… I will not give up on ME!

My wish for you this Valentine’s day is “don’t let yourself go adrift, not even a little – don’t give up on your goals and your dreams” ~ It would be so very sad, if you gave up on YOU!

Know that I am here to share my strength, experience, ideas, systems and plans, and offer you the accountability and support you need to reach Your Dreams!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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