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Professional Marketing/ Business Growth Coaching across the Greater Toronto Area

When you shift your mindset to “live at cause”, instead of to “live in effect”, you are capable of reaching your highest potential, every day.

Everything comes at me, and I react to what happens to me.

I work to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to ignite their champion within so they can live in joy, peace, and prosperity every day.

“You are prosperous right now. You are the perfect rose right where you are, even if you have petals falling off. If you choose to be happy, and you know where you’re going, it really doesn’t matter how fast you’re going, what matters is that you’re doing it, and you’re having fun doing it. So, it’s living life in the moment, but also knowing without fail that you will get to your destination.

When you actually GET THIS, it will change your life forever.”  -Lisa Reaume

I take full responsibility for what happens in my life, because I know I control the outcome.

I am Passionate about Leadership.

More and more people are working themselves out of a job, because they’re elevating their values and are no longer willing to put the time and energy into a job they never really liked in the first place, just to get a paycheck.

But the work of building a booming business as an entrepreneur is 60% internal work and 40% strategy. And doing this internal work is where many entrepreneurs get stuck. This is where they self-sabotage.

That's why I teach both.


Hi, I’m Lisa. I have always been a highly relational person, and so I took my gift of connecting, communicating, and leading and used it to create my dream job as an entrepreneur. In 2005, I became a Marketing Consultant and launched a virtual Marketing Agency in 2009. In 2012, I shifted the focus of the agency from marketing to mentorship.

But it wasn’t until 2017, when I became trained in modalities capable of tapping into the subconscious mind (which is 90% of our brain and is where our habits are formed) that I finally saw substantial measurable results in my clients’ lives and in their businesses.

No tactic, tool, or template nor any script, swipe or strategy alone will get you to the next phase of business success. Techniques aren’t good enough. Techniques are googlable, downloadable, and widely available as free resources from any number of industry leaders.

It’s through using a variety of techniques and working deep into your unconscious mind that I help entrepreneurs break-through mental blocks that are stopping them from the success they are so close to achieving.

Accountability is no good if the mind isn’t ready.” -Lisa Reaume

Why work with a mindset coach?

On your own, you don’t have the bandwidth to understand what’s stopping you from achieving a higher degree of success.

I’ll work one-on-one with you to unpack your limiting beliefs, and to shift the way you perceive your business, yourself, and your life.

If you’re curious about how this approach could work for you, I invite you to book a Focus session, completely free.

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